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Monday, March 6, 2017

A simple life...

Has nothing much to share about my life indeed.
A simple mummy...with 2 kids,,n have one husband ...hehe of coz la,kan...

My routine..a standard routine as a working mummy...just as ordinary every mumy, what could lead me to share what i m doing today...what i feel,  what has i gone through today...n yea...what has i bought for myself..huh..
I m happy with i am..

Well...i dun expect my husband to give me the surprise ..reward n so  on..or even it is..hmmm i don' t know whether i suppose to share.😎, in the name of sharing could also be as showing off. Relationship is very does happiness..some,they might be sooo happpy by giving them something exclusive yet expensive..but then some, ops its me... I dont want that!!! Haha..
My happiness, my precious is when i see the smile of my parent...

Its all what i want is truely love n being bless by Allah ..
N this is never could be shared in fb/ig n anyone..😍

Luv my family through thick n thin...hihi..

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